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Anissa’s Story# 1 – “Medicine – A Dangerous Reaction”

Anissa was the type of baby that put a spring in the step of any new parent. The alertness shown in her eyes gave hope that she would be just as bright and strong as her 11-year-old brother.

It was during Anissa’s six month checkup when the Pediatrician inquired as to any concerns we had regarding her health. The only thing that came to mind was her difficult time sleeping since teething began. The doctor was quick to offer a solution for that, and wrote a prescription for Phenergan (promethazine HCL) to be given, but to wait one week, so it would not interfere with the polio vaccine she had just received.

When the medicine, along with bottled formula, was given to Anissa, her father noticed an immediate physical reaction after the second dose. The pulling of her head and the drawing upwards of her arms and legs became obvious.  Anissa’s head suddenly drew forward and pulled slightly to the side. After the third dose it was even more noticeable. In addition, she became abnormally hyperactive. Clearly this did not seem right so I wasted no time calling the Pediatrician, who was none too worried. He said that even his own daughters could not take that particular medicine and suggested that the adverse side effects would stop after the medicine was discontinued.

Unfortunately, Anissa’s problems got even worse, as her kidneys stopped functioning. After being admitted to the hospital, the lab tests revealed a chemical imbalance that made it impossible for her body to maintain a proper metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. This affected the PH of her urine as well as her blood. Since she had to be fed at close intervals, as the mother I also became her nurse. My heart sank as I saw the weakness overpowering her small frail body. Her fingernails were turning blue and when I tried to feed her, she was too limp to respond. Her eyelids could barely open and I desperately wanted some answers as to why she was not responding to treatment!

It was the doctor’s next declaration that took the wind out of our sails. He stated that Anissa may not make it through the night, and even if she did, she would be left with a rare type of epilepsy that causes deterioration of the brain, leaving her as a vegetable for the rest of her life, requiring the care of an institution. He described the epilepsy as a form of petit mal known as myoclonic. (She was later diagnosed with Lennox- Gastaut Syndrome.)

That was a most somber trip home from the hospital for me. I believed that my husband and I could cope, but when I thought of our son being at such a young and impressionable age, I wondered how he would handle the stigma of epilepsy in his own dearly beloved sister of whom he was so proud. I decided to phone relatives, friends and church members for prayer. Due to the circumstances we decided to go ahead and have Anissa baptized by our Pastor at the hospital the following day.

This time in our lives was at the same time a brand new season in God’s timetable and I vividly recall pouring out a sincere, heartfelt prayer:

“Oh Heavenly Father, if what the doctor says is true, that Anissa will be left with brain damage and have to be put in an institution, then please, dear Lord, let her not live. If she does live, I’ll know You have a special plan for her life, and she is not to be put into an institution.”

That prayer has been my stand of faith throughout these past 50 years of Anissa’s life as I have watched God answer and fulfill many miracles in the midst of our situations that can only be attributed to HIS EXCELLENT GRACE.

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Anissa’s Story # 2 – God Shows Up With Grace As Joy Comes In The Morning.


joy in the am



After a long night of contemplating the what ifs and the whys of our situation, we met with Anissa’s doctor the next day. It was a breath of fresh air and an amazing relief to hear the doctor say :

It took a hand higher than ours” he admitted. “Your daughter’s kidneys are functioning and her fever is gone. We tried everything we knew to get her kidneys to function. Nothing worked. You can thank the good Lord that you still have a daughter.” Even the nurses were excited over the good news that Anissa had wet in the middle of the night, the first time in several days. Her eyes were open and even her fingernails had returned to a normal color. Everyone acknowledged that Anissa’s improvement was miraculous, there was no other explanation.

We firmly believed that this miracle was the result of the prayers of many.  I knew also that my prayer to God in the middle of the night had been answered.  I knew in my heart that God had another plan for Anissa’s life which was not to include a lifetime of institutions, but a special agenda that the Lord had for her. On that same day February 27th, 1968 Anissa was baptized in a small out-of-the-way hospital room.  What a different outcome for this day than it could have been had God not shown His grace!

We still realized that as the doctor said, Anissa would suffer from the rare form of petit- mal epilepsy called myoclonic seizures. At the time many people suggested we file suit against the doctor but we decided that it was not his fault that Anissa had such a reaction to the drug Phenergan. However,  it was found by the FDA a short time later that this drug should never be given to a child under two years old due to the immaturity of the brain.

Next up the doctor recommended to us that we admit Anissa in a research study on this type of epilepsy that was underway. A noted neurologist from New Zealand, Dr. Fritz Dreifuss was at the University of Virginia hospital leading the study. It gave a us a ray of hope we so needed. The next day we drove to the hospital and entered Anissa in the research program.

At that time we owned a motel and had plenty of work to keep us busy,  which was probably a good thing because of the long week that Anissa was gone. We were also glad it was not the busy tourist season since the waiting time was unpredictable concerning hospital visits.

We continued on to search out anything we could about myoclonic seizures and even met some parents of a boy who had the same type of epilepsy, in his case requiring institutionalization .

Our trips to see Anissa were not very hopeful. Since various drugs had been tried, along with injections of the hormone ACTH, with no positive results, Dr. Dreifuss gave us a  dismal prognosis. As a preventitive treatment against other types of seizures, Gemonil ( metharbital) was prescribed.

As a matter of fact,  he suggested we put Anissa in an institution and go on with our lives.

Clinging to my faith that God had a special plan for Anissa’s life since the miracle of her kidneys, I believed the only chance for her survival would be in our home. Dr Dreifuss questioned whether I could handle the continuous 24/7 care necessary for a brain- damaged, hyperactive child. I thought of the many stressful events experienced while balancing family and business. I quickly stated that if I was able to keep my sanity during the 14 years of operating a motel and restaurant, than I could surely handle Anissa.

The doctor then indicated that if we planned on keeping our child at home, it would be best to live where she could be outdoors most of the time. Little did we realize  the trials and frustrations that were ahead !But in our times of weakness, our fervent prayers to God enabled us to receive the necessary strength to carry on, experiencing a taste of His excellent grace.

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Anissa’s Story # 3 – Weary – But Trusting In His Grace.


praying stick


Following Anissa’s release from the university hospital, seizures became more frequent regardless of various drugs added, including Valium (diazepam).  She was then put on a Ketogenic (High Fat) diet.  After five weeks without a spell, she suddenly had a violent reaction.  While drinking the heavy cream mixture, it expulsed with great force from Anissa’s mouth.  It reminded us of seeing water spouting from a whale.

Seizures returned and since her health was deteriorating, the dietetic therapy was discontinued.  Allergies, along with sinus infections, seemed a constant battle.  We were pushed into many avenues of healing that would never have been considered if it hadn’t been for our desperation to keep Anissa from being institutionalized.

When she was 3 1/2 years old, our nerves were beginning to frazzle.  So one day we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to close the motel for a few days and head for Florida.  While the business had been a priority in the past, now Anissa’s health and our sanity was what really mattered.  An elderly couple who were frequent guests at our motel had invited us for a visit where they lived in Ormond Beach during the winter months.

The time in Florida was wonderful!  Our son loved the ocean and Anissa was much better.  Remembering what the neurologist had said about her being better off where she could be outdoors, we decided to move.  Within two months’ time, we sold our motel-restaurant.  We purchased a home one block from the ocean in Ormond Beach and moved in July, 1971.

WalkingB&V Beach for email


Being outside in the ocean air improved Anissa’s physical health but the seizures continued.  Even so, she attended the Rainbow School for the Retarded in September.  However, she had a difficult time adjusting.  The sound of my little girl crying and screaming made it difficult to leave but because of the opinion of experts saying that she would adjust and needed the school, I persevered.  Later, when the school psychologist met with me, she explained that Anissa was unable to adapt and would do best on a one-to-one basis.  One day when a volunteer Catholic nun was present, Anissa was drawn to her in a positive way, just wanting to sit on her lap.


As seizures worsened, the school would call for me to come get my daughter.  One teacher suggested that we take Anissa to a medical doctor who specialized in diets, using the process of eliminating certain foods to detect an allergy or toxic reaction.  At first, while on vegetable juices, Anissa improved drastically but after the third day she began acting like a starved animal, grabbing other children’s food at school and eating things not meant for human consumption.

Realizing Anissa would not be able to continue in school the way she was, the teacher then recommended a chiropractor who might be of help.  That was an unfamiliar avenue of healing so we gave it prayerful consideration.  Around Thanksgiving time, Anissa began having more grand-mal seizures.  We decided to try chiropractic therapy and immediately there was a noticeable improvement in her speech, with less hyperactivity and seizures.  Once again we were hopeful.  However, westerly winds hit our area, causing a high pollen count of ragweed and other air pollution.  These winds lasted for several weeks and instead of progressing, Anissa grew steadily worse.


By Christmas she was unable to talk, comprehend or even recognize us.  She lost control of her bladder and bowels and was having 15 -20 grand-mal and over 200 lightning seizures daily.  She wanted only to be held and to lay her head down.  She was confused and walked into objects as though blind.  By January, 1972, she was unable to walk or talk.  

Many times I cried aloud to the Lord, “Heal this child and I’ll do anything You want!”  Fear now had a grip on me.  The more I read on nutrition, vitamin and herbal therapy, I worried that I might be upsetting Anissa’s metabolism rather than stabilizing it, as I attempted to bring her seizures under control.  After hearing about other epileptics being healed while undergoing therapy at the Spears Chiropractic Hospital in Denver, Colorado, I began to hope that such daily therapy would provide answers for our child.  Also, my husband could not stand to see me so exhausted and said that if things didn’t change, Anissa would have to be institutionalized.  Remembering my earlier prayer regarding such, I felt Spears was my only ray of hope left.  

grace 2

Once again we expected to experience our Lord’s excellent grace.

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Anissa’s Story # 4 – God Does A New Work In Both Mom And Daughter!

Because of Anissa’a vegetative state, she had to be fed and cared for like a newborn baby. My only consideration was getting her to Spears hospital in Denver. Everything seemed to fall quickly into place. The necessary arrangements were made for the flight, as well as the hospital. My parents had already planned to spend the winter in Florida and were willing to stay with my husband and our son.

In mid-January 1972, I boarded a plane with my daughter, whose eyes by that time were covered with a dull film.  As I looked out the window of the plane and saw my family waving goodbye, I suddenly felt so alone. Though I tried to overcome the feeling, I was painfully aware of the awesome responsibility for Anissa and the unknown path that lay ahead.

I was relieved when we finally checked into our room at Spears, but disappointed to learn that the pediatric ward had been closed down since we made our original plans. I was hoping for a time of respite with nurses caring for Anissa. The following morning she underwent a thorough examination with blood tests and X-rays. The next day we met with the hospital administrator, who explained in detail the results of the tests:

A brain malfunction such as Anissa’s does not readily respond to therapy.  It takes at least two weeks to know whether or not the skull-molding technique would be beneficial. Her X-rays show enormous pockets of intestinal gas, the size of an adult’s, which could be causing her pain and discomfort.”

A therapeutic program was to start the following day but he warned me not to get my hopes up too high for the brain malfunction of Anissa to be fully corrected by therapy. Discouragement tried to take control of my heart as the dismal report played over in my mind.  I felt the need for fresh air. The outdoor temperature was an unseasonably 68 degrees. Since I had only winter clothing with me, I decided to head for a shopping area to purchase a lightweight blouse as it was extremely warm in  the hospital.  Carrying my 4 1/2 year old daughter did not seem a heavy burden until the 6th block. Several blocks later I noticed a “SALE” sign in the window of Ruby’s Fashions.

Once inside, I noticed that the blouses were of a higher quality than I needed, so I started to leave. The owner, Ruby Nikaido, had inquired about Anissa’s condition and also suggested a discount store close by for the type of blouse I needed. As I took hold of the door knob to leave Ruby asked me if they could pray for my daughter. Stunned momentarily by her request, she asked again if they could pray for Anissa and I replied “Well I am afraid it would take a miracle.”

In the same store at that time was Gladys, a sales lady and also Vern Howell, a minister and president of “Acts Fellowship”- a ministry where the miraculous was commonplace. He just happened to stop by that day.  I sat Anissa upon  the store counter and they lay hands on her while praying for a miracle. Their sincere prayers touched me deeply as tears flowed freely. Afterward Vern offered us a ride back to the hospital for which I was most grateful. He waited while I got Anissa diapers and a cool blouse for myself.

gods healing grace


On the drive back to the hospital, Vern asked “Have you ever said the sinner’s prayer?” I replied “Well, I pray a lot and I belong to a Methodist church.” He then questioned, “Would you like to have Jesus as your personal savior?” I said “I believe in Jesus.” Then Vern asked “Would you like a closer walk with Him, to know Jesus personally? Would you repeat a prayer after me?”

I decided to do so but when it came to the part of the prayer where I was to say “I am a sinner” it was as though the words were stuck in my throat and did not want to come out. Determined, I repeated after him “I am a sinner. I’m sorry for my sins. Forgive me Lord Jesus, cleanse me and be the Lord of my life.”

At once I felt as though a great burden had been lifted from me. As I left Vern’s car and walked into the hospital, I actually felt different, both physically and mentally. In the morning,  Anissa was more alert and the dull film had lifted from her eyes. She began her first therapy session and by the afternoon she wanted to walk and began to speak words clearly. By the end of that day there had not  been even a hint of a seizure. The following day she was outside running, even trying to catch soap bubbles.




Three days later she tried to ride a tricycle and still no seizures. During my stay at the hospital, I learned to perform various methods of therapy that would be beneficial to her overall health.

 One day Ruby visited us at the hospital. The Holy Spirit  had directed her to explain to me the meaning of new birth, gifts of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. Though I believed in God, daily Bible reading was not a part of my life, but suddenly there was a strong desire to do so.  I really began to look forward to Ruby’s visits and prayers, since many questions were running through my mind as to what Anissa and I had experienced after our day at her “fashion” shop.

Little did I know how greatly I would be depending upon God’s excellent grace in preparation for the ministry God had for Anissa and me that was soon to begin.

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Anissa’s Story # 5 – The Good Doctor & The Great Physician



With Anissa acting so normal and not one hint of a seizure throughout the week of therapy at Spears Hospital in Denver, along with the prayerful visits of Ruby Nikaido, I wondered if God had performed an outright miracle, or if the seizures had stopped as a result of the therapy. My longing was to go home so my family could see the miraculous change in Anissa. Also hospital bills were a great concern – yet, I had a fear of leaving there when she was making such great progress. At that moment my security seemed to be in the therapy she was receiving. Not wanting to make the same mistake I made previously when Anissa was 6 months old, putting too much confidence in a doctors prescribed therapy, I decided it was time to put all my trust in God.

“Oh God,” I prayed, “please give me a sign that I may know whether to stay for another week of therapy or go home.” That sign came immediately after her next skull-molding therapy. Anissa experienced a seizure that was different from any type of spell she’d ever had in the past. I interpreted it as God’s way of telling me that it was not the therapy that had stopped the seizures. I knew it was miraculous and that we were not to stay another week but return home and share everything that had happened to Anissa with my family. This different type of seizure did not disturb me since there was no doubt in my mind that God was in control. I had such peace and didn’t even question Him.

Ruby was so gracious to take us to the airport and even waited while we boarded the plane. She prayed with us,  instilling in me the confidence that God would meet our needs. She also brought puzzles and books to keep Anissa occupied on the long flight home. Through Ruby’s example, I learned how important it is to obey the Holy Spirit. One particular point she made had a strong impact on my faith throughout the following years: Anytime God wants you to do something for Him, He will babysit Anissa.”  This has proven to be a true word numerous times!            

Anissa was extremly good on the flight home and I felt renewed physically, mentally, and spiritually. Upon our arrival at home, our family, friends and neighbors were surprised and excited to see Anissa looking so normal and healthy. She was now able to run, walk and talk and was free of the lightning seizures.

Shortly thereafter, my husband and our son experienced the power of God while attending a seminar where evangelist Frank Marzullo taught on the Pentecostal movement in the Catholic church. It was a miracle to see Anissa sit quietly for several hours during the entire service. Afterwards, the evangelist and team intercessors prayed over her. She was then set free of all seizures and began adding new words to her vocabulary.

Two months later my husband’s parents visited us and went to Busch Gardens with us. The ride through the animal kingdom in an open tram must have triggered Anissa’s allergies, causing abnormal spastic-like movements. Evidently the extreme heat, high humidity, blooming flowers and animal dander was too much for her immune system. To our dismay she suffered a relapse and soon was having full seizures, which was to become a thorn in the flesh.

In hopes to alleviate negative thoughts regarding Anissa’s healing, I sought the Lord for answers. He answered through an encouraging letter from Ruby, confirming that God was working in our situation. She shared how a fearful thought had crossed her mind:

What if I had not obeyed God? Would Anissa have missed out on her miracle?” She wrote, “I had such an Anointing come upon me when you started to walk out  { of the dress shop } and the Lord said ‘Pray for the little girl’.  I thought why do I have to? And He said again ‘Pray for the little girl.’ It scared me when you came back that Friday afternoon when I saw what I saw with my own eyes. Anissa walked in so tall and looked me straight in the face. I looked at her and thought to myself, its the same little face,  so alert and so sweet, same hair and same haircut. I looked at you. It’s the same mother. Yes – It’s them. And after you told us all that was happening to her, I don’t have words to explain. A thousand things went through my mind. Now I know what a miracle is. I was seeing one, and God is on the throne, and what Jesus said in the scriptures is true. He is real and alive”

jesus healing hand

Had Anissa been totally cured in Denver, perhaps our family would not have had the spiritual experience of  learning who God is and growing in the fruits of the spirit. In the years ahead, whenever ultimate victory seemed out of our grasp, we learned that barriers are obstructions that are not necessarily impassable but can be made possible by God’s excellent grace


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Anissa’s Story # 6 – Sharing The Miracles And Confirming A Command From The Lord.

anissa accordiann


After Anissa’s miracle in Denver, doors began to open for me to share her testimony, as well as our experiences, at various prayer group meetings and churches. By summer 1972, we began holding prayer meetings in our home, which eventually led to the formation of  Logos Life and Light Foundation, Inc.

One couple, who attended our meetings, thought it would be good for us to meet with Dr. William S. Reed, founder of the Christian Medical Foundation of Tampa concerning Anissa’s allergies and relapse of seizures.

We met with Dr. Reed in the fall of ’72. After listening attentively  to our story, he was especially interested in our Denver experience since he had ministered many times at Calvary Temple  (Ruby’s home church) He prayed for us and said, “One day I see all of this being tied together by God, I believe there is a special work He is doing in this whole situation.” He also prayed doors would open if it was God’s will that we take Anissa to the Page Clinic in St. Petersburg, FL.

In later years Dr. Reed opened many doors for us to share with the medical profession Anissa’s testimony and the negative reaction she had to the drug Phenergan.

It was at Page Clinic where I gained valuable medical knowledge relating to healing of the whole person, utilizing various types of therapy, such as orthomolecular, deep muscle, food combining, etc. ( This began before today’s computerized society with blood tests that can provide answers  for a proper metabolic balance and identify the cause of various malfunctions of the human body.) It seems I was being educated in the field of medicine and natural ways of healing under the anointed tutorage of the Holy Spirit.

My mind stored up knowledge much like a computer, available to be retrieved as needed. This was of great value when Anissa went through some very difficult times, as the Holy Spirit recalled to my mind what was needed to make her well. That, along with the Word of God, brought us out of many dark valleys.

Anissa was seizure free for several months prior to spring 1973. Allergies remained the same so her diet was restricted, but the air pollution was impossible to combat. Living in a plastic bubble was not the answer for our hyperactive child! When seizures began early one Sunday in April, our faith was greatly tried.

Having done everything we knew to do, yet our daughter still suffered, I cried out in desperation: “O Lord, what more could you possibly want of us – or of me?” To my great astonishment, these words came into my mind: “Would you be willing to suffer a little longer for the sake of many?” “Why O Lord should we suffer anymore?” I pleaded. Immediately, a vision of the Lord’s body upon the cross stood boldly before me. I asked,     “Hasn’t Jesus’ suffering been enough?” When the vision remained, there arose in my innermost being strong emotions of love in response to the redemptive act of Christ and His love for me. I wept and prayed as the events that had taken place since Anissa’s miracle in Denver flashed quickly through my mind. Then Jesus’ own words weighed heavily upon my heart: “O Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.”  Likewise, I asked that this cup be passed from us.

jesus asking the cup be taken

But the vision would not go away, I resisted what the Holy Spirit was saying and struggled with the conflict of my own desires and also wondered exactly what to suffer a little longer meant.

The choice was mine, but I needed to be certain the Vision and the Voice was from God and not Satan transforming himself into an “angel of light” that could cause needless suffering, as described in 2 Corinthians 11:14.  Remembering my vow to God, that I would do anything if He would heal my child, I decided that Jesus’ way is the only way!

Being uncertain, I answered with a conditional surrender: “If this truly is so important, then I can only say, not my will but Thy will be done. However, I will expect You to grant grace and give us the strength to see us through whatever lies ahead, just as You did for Jesus.”

Immediately the vision left  and I felt as if a weight was laid across the top of my shoulders, yet a great peace settled in my spirit which radiated forth with strength and power that I had never before experienced. As I shared with my husband what had just transpired he assured me that whatsoever might happen, we would make it! After this I believed that when prayers are offered in behalf of Anissa’s needs that God would show us His way of deliverance.

Several weeks later, I had taken Anissa outdoors for playtime in her little backyard swimming pool.  I noticed there was not a cloud in the sky, when suddenly there appeared a huge building floating down toward me with a loud trumpet voice sounding out: “Build me a healing center!My mind raced with questions: How-When-Where?   “Without drugs – your daughter will help you.” Being awestruck, I watched the building ascend into heaven and disappear. Though unsure of the exact meaning, I believed the assignment was a message from our Heavenly Father.  After many fervent prayers of asking, seeking and knocking,  27 years later, the healing center was established as the result of His Excellent Grace.

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Anissa’s Story -Post #7- Making A Joyful Noise In The Midst Of Trials.


By Anissa’s sixth birthday, God often used her as His instrument in making contacts necessary for the establishment of the healing center that He called us to build. Several times we were confronted by people with well-meaning theories as to why Anissa should be in school with other children, so I visited various facilities and returned home in tears.

Being mentally retarded (intellectually disabled) is one thing, but the daily seizures in addition required special attention. One day, by a neighbor’s report, a truant officer from the school system paid a surprise visit to our home. As we were being questioned as to why Anissa was not in school, she suddenly went into several violent seizures. With a heartfelt apology, the officer said that he certainly understood our situation and would not bother us again – and he was true to his word.

Even though Anissa could speak many words, she had trouble putting the words into proper sequence to form a sentence.  While taking her on daily bike rides, I would put words familiar to her into song. This enabled her to learn to speak correctly. Music opened a new door, and soon she was clearly singing hymns and spiritual songs and recognized some of the song titles on sheet music. Sitting beside me at the piano, she loved for me to play her favorite songs, over and over again.

During this season of Anissa’s life, it became evident that she lacked the ability to  understand directions, which made discipline almost impossible.  Maintaining peace in our home was a daily battle.  She might suddenly lift her right leg and kick anyone or anything that was near — several broken windows had to be replaced.  How much could be attributed to seizure activity, autistic behavior or just a rebellious nature, only God knew. We did learn a safe and secure way of restraining her until she had better control.

My husband compared these outbursts of Anissa’s to his earlier Air Force experience.  He said, “Years ago, when I was a weather equipment operator on a B-29 in the Pacific, our primary job was locating and following a typhoon. I think now, looking back, going in and out of typhoons was like the Devil and God working against each other.  You are up and down a thousand feet in the air, trying to get into the center . . . but once you break through the wall, there was such calm and peace.

He also stated that the demands of the motel-restaurant business likely helped us to be more prepared than most couples to do things separately. We still found caring for our afflicted daughter a difficult demand on our family life.

It was in the early part of 1974 that we learned about many miracles taking place in the ministry of a woman named Kathryn Kuhlman.  I was excited to learn that she was scheduled to be in Jacksonville, just 90 miles from our home, with bus transportation being made available.

As I prayed about taking Anissa to the meeting, the following Scripture was quickened in my spirit: “. . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good, and acceptable. and perfect, will of God.”  Romans 12:2   

Immediately, I knew, by faith, that Anissa would have a healing of her mind when I took her to a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting.  A great disappointment came when my husband strongly disagreed with taking her on a bus to that meeting.  In desperation, I took that negative response back to the Lord in prayer, seeking His direction and was surprised to hear: “Obey your husband.”   Even though that is not what I wanted to hear,  I knew enough that to obey God’s Word is better than sacrifice — still, it was a most difficult time for me.

Six months later, I was to again learn what it means to trust God.  He spoke to me audibly:  “Take your daughter to Kathryn Kuhlman’s next meeting in Pittsburg.”  My immediate thought:  If I was not allowed to take Anissa to a meeting just a short distance from home, why would my husband give approval for this request?  Surprise – – not only did he give an approval but made arrangements for us, along with two other women, to stay at his boss’ vacation house in Maryland.

From there, it was several hours of driving to Pittsburg, so we had reserved rooms for two nights at a hotel, just a block from where the meeting would be.  Since there were always long lines of people waiting to get into Kathryn’s meetings, we planned to arrive early to be there by 7:00 a.m.  It was a cool, misty morning and a large crowd had already gathered.  After 1 1/2 hours of waiting, an usher appeared from the church and took ones like Anissa, along with their parents, into a large basement room of the church.  In the back part of that large room were rows of hospital-type beds and wheelchairs filled with invalids and disabled people.   When the worship music began, there such a strong presence of God in that place and twice, a healing Anointing covered me.  Anissa had been quietly playing on the floor in front of me, but each time that healing power was covering me, she would stop playing and climb into my lap.  The first time she received a healing of her sinuses and her countenance lit up  The second Anointing came upon me when the soloist sang He Touched Me and once again, Anissa climbed into my lap.

I knew God had touched Anissa but was uncertain what the manifestation would be.  As I was driving back to Florida, again I heard the Lord’s audible voice speak:  “I have given your daughter a mind of understanding.  Now you can discipline her.”   After that, Anissa had better comprehension and was able to learn new things.                     

                        How awesome to be a recipient of His Excellent Grace! 

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Anissa’s Story – Post # 8 – Right Choices Bring Unity & Healing And A Stand Up Girl Brings Joyful Tears…

After Anissa received the miraculous healing of the mind during a Kathryn Kuhlman’s meeting in September, 1974, her seizure pattern remained unchanged.

Since my husband was a lay leader and active in various activities in the church, it required my staying with our daughter.  The weekly meetings of the prayer group in our home gave me fellowship and the strength to carry on.  
Eventually, my husband decided that, until we were able to attend church together, he would worship at home with us.  That decision brought a unity to our marriage and greater peace to our home.  Anissa enjoyed the music provided by the electronic church and would chime in with an occasional Amen.
Anissa remained alert, hyperactive at times, but with only an occasional seizure, until the summer of 1975, when, almost daily, spraying for mosquitoes by helicopter over our house began.  Evidently, she was sensitive to the chemical spray and became very nervous with uncontrollable hyperactivity.  Within a month’s time, she was having 20 to 40 tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures daily from July to mid-October.  The anticonvulsive meds only seemed to worsen her condition.  She became so weak that it seemed each breath would be her last.
Previous to this time, our Methodist church Pastor and Board of Directors had scheduled me to hold a Miracle Healing Service the evening of October 9th in the sanctuary and share Anissa’s story.  

(At home, my daughter lay at the point of death, needing a miracle.)

My faith was tested once again, however I obeyed the Holy Spirit concerning the service,  reminding myself that my ways are not His ways. Being a fearful person when it came to speaking before a group of people, my stomach had butterflies that floated uncontrollably the whole day!  When I stood behind the altar railing to speak, my knees were shaking and I heard the Holy Spirit say:  “Lift your arms in praise to receive the Anointing.”  Since lifting of the arms in praise was not a common practice of that congregation, I was fearful of what this people would think.  But God is merciful and the Spirit spoke again the same word.

Not wanting to see what the people might do, I closed my eyes, took that step of faith, raised my arms and immediately a supernatural power covered me.  My knees stopped shaking and I was able to share Anissa’s story with ease.
The power of the Lord was present to heal so the clergy joined me in praying for the sick as they came to the altar for prayer.  People were healed and several people received a miracle. 

Afterward, several members of our prayer team accompanied me to the house to pray for Anissa.  As I stayed with her throughout the night, every time she had a seizure I would commit her spirit to the Lord.  I knew that if I saw the sun come up in the morning that she would live and not die.
Joy did come in the morning!  As I was trying to get some nourishing food into Anissa, it was as though the words that suddenly appeared to my mind had first arisen out of my spirit:  “Your faith shall be rewarded, I will deliver.”  Within one week, during our prayer group meeting, Anissa unexpectedly stood up and with weakness of knees and legs, she chose to walk around the prayer table.  There was not a dry eye in the place as we witnessed the power of His Excellent Grace.


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Respite & Revival! Anissa’s Story Post # 9

By the latter part of October, 1975, the numerous and uncontrollable
seizures that Anissa experienced over the previous three months had
lessened. Since I only got a few cat naps during those difficult months, my
physical body was ready for a time of respite. My parents wanted us to
spend several weeks of recuperative time in West Virginia with them. Once
Anissa was strong enough to travel, our suitcases were packed and ready to go!
The Methodist Church, where our family were members before moving to
Florida, was celebrating World Wide Communion on November 2nd.
My parents encouraged me to attend the service while they kept Anissa at
home. Not certain if my daughter’s behavior and unpredictable seizures
would be too stressful on the health of my parents, I prayed to know God’s
will. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that partaking of the Holy
Sacrament would be a healing time.

From past experience, I knew God
would babysit Anissa when He wanted me to do something, which gave me
assured peace.
While kneeling at the church altar, receiving the bread and the cup, an
overwhelming revival power came upon me. I sensed something was also
taking place in the Spirit realm that had to do with Anissa. After returning to
the house and finding everything so quiet, I questioned her whereabouts.
My mother’s response: “Oh, she went upstairs to your bedroom
around 11:30!” That was something she had never done on her own and
happened while I was partaking the elements of Communion. When
Anissa heard my voice, she came running downstairs. To our delightful
surprise, there was a noticeable radiance of light upon her countenance.
Immediately, she demonstrated a new desire to learn and do things with a
mental alertness that can only be considered miraculous!
For the first and only time in her whole life, Anissa was free of all types of
seizures for one year … from that day until November, 1976. When it
comes to healing of the whole person — body, soul and spirit, there is so
much we do not understand. But one thing I have learned while going through a valley of darkness, it takes God’s excellent grace to maintain a victorious walk of faith, hope and love.
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Anissa’s Story – Post #10 – Waiting For God…

gods timing


As a result of the healing Anissa received in October-November, 1975, she was able to learn and do more things for herself.  It then gave me some free time to concentrate upon God’s call to build a healing center. During that time, there was no internet to access, so we had to seek other means of obtaining information.  

There just happened to be a woman visiting our church who was credited for establishing Prayer Rooms in USA state capitol buildings.  She began attending the prayer group meetings in our home, giving us wise counsel in laying a solid foundation that would carry forth the vision of a healing center.

Several members of our prayer team gathered with her for a day of prayer and fasting to first seek a name for the ministry.   The Holy Spirit led us to the Scripture, “In the beginning was the Word [Logos], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.”

John 1:1, 4   

The Bible I used translated the Word as Logos.  The revelation we received was that the written Word, Logos, would give life and light for the building of a solid foundation – thus – LOGOS LIFE AND LIGHT FOUNDATION.  Four years later, the ministry was legally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.

Wellspring Healing Center

Little did we realize it would be 25 years before the healing center would become a reality.  Once again we are reminded of how God’s timing differs from our concept of time. Just like the Biblical story in Genesis when God promised Abraham that he would have a son.  We learned from that example how important it is to wait upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit and not take matters into our own hands and end up with an Ishmael rather than an Isaac!  

Over that long period of waiting, many of our faithful prayer group members had to watch from the balconies of heaven the completion of the healing center.  I feel certain they, along with a host of heavenly angels, were all singing high praises when the center was dedicated on February 27, 2000, to the glory of God and established by

His Excellent Grace.

welcome wellspirng


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