God’s Grace Is Amazing. Join Us As We Share Many Examples Of This In One Particular Life, And Then Many Others!

Grace-Free And Unmerited Favor

Thank you for visiting “His Excellent Grace”! Here you will find testimonies of God’s grace .We will encourage you to submit your testimony of God’s grace, so please go to our contact page to submit your testimony. We hope you find this site to be a blessing.

Although in time you may hear the testimonies of many people from all walks of life, this blog is created after one girl, named Anissa. You will read of the many situations in her life that God has shown His perfect grace in, and be able to tell how God took one unfortunate circumstance and used it to His glory over many years, and still does. So read and enjoy as you become familiar with Anissa Lawyer, and her amazing circumstances that God has been using for good for decades. It is all about God’s grace!

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You will hear some very specific things that have occurred in Anissa’s life and in great detail. For now the idea is to give you a snapshot of her life. When Anissa was just 6 months old, she experienced a severe reaction to a teething medicine prescribed by her doctor. Having been born very healthy like her older brother, she was suddenly stricken with terrible symptoms from this medicine that would actually prevent her from being able to live a life with any normalcy. She was now 100% dependent on her parents to care for every need, every day.

Anissa cannot use many of her faculties or even the restroom without constant care from her mother and this has been going on for five decades. Now a day in her life could involve 30+ seizures ( some violent). Amazingly enough, God has used this tragic mistake to bring thousands of people to a place of both physical and spiritual healing in their lives. It also should be known that most doctors did not expect Anissa to live past her 20s and now she is 50!


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